Install an Affordable Fence

Install an Affordable Fence

Aluminum fencing is a great option in the Wantage or Sparta, NJ area

You love how metal fences look, but you're not thrilled about how much they cost. Fortunately, they're not all as expensive as wrought iron. Fences made of aluminum look just as good or better and are more affordable.

CP Fence LLC works with aluminum fencing in Sparta, Wantage, Franklin, Vernon Township, Hopatcong, NJ and surrounding areas. You can hire us to install or replace your fence, or repair your current one. Contact us now for a free estimate.

3 important advantages of aluminum fencing

Aluminum fencing is affordable, but that's not its only benefit. This fencing type:

  • Doesn't rust. Your fence will keep its color and texture.
  • Is rackable. That means we can install it on your sloped land with an even look, without staggered fence panel heights.
  • Has concrete footings when we install it. Your fence won't shift over time or shake in the wind.

When you're ready to take advantages of an exceptional fencing type, our experienced team will be there to help. Call 973-362-6808 right away to plan your installation in Sparta, Wantage, Franklin, Vernon Township or Hopatcong, NJ.